VIP room

Exotic brazilian stones denotes luxury in a contemporary concept without marked layout lines, created by Guilhermes Torres

In the project of the well renowned architect, GUILHERME TORRES, the walls were coated with exotic brazilian stones, in a tone of amber, green, and red – patterns from Roma Imperiale, Verde Alipi, and Rosso Levanto, all lines from Gramarcal – bringing luxury to the concept that “less is more”, from the german architect, Mies van der Rohe, who used to explore extravagant materials with pure geometrical effects. “With white walls, oak floor, and diffuse light, we imagined a space without marking the layout outlines.” explained the architect, who wished to break with the conservative ideas. Being named “Sala Vip”, or as Torres prefers “The Editor’s Room”, being a reference to the lifestyle that the great articulators of the press have. It also makes a reference to the fact that the building where the Casa Cor PR event was held also used to be an old journalism main office. The 70m² space presents ideas that mix architecture and interior design. The marbles’ veins also represent a dramatizing effect, paying respect to the writer Truman Capote and the diva Diana Vreeland.

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