Process and Structure

Gramarcal in constant change

Gramarcal has been present on the market for more than 34 years, and our material are developed through the highest standard of quality. We count on a structure that is prepared to satisfy the demand of national, and international market, being composed of 5 centers of distribution and 3 factories. We have two centers of distribution in Brazil (one in Curitiba-PR, and one in Florianópolis-SC), and three in the United States (Atlanta-GA, Columbia-SC, and Savannah-GA). To satisfy these centers, our industrial parks are located in strategic locations: Colombo-PR, Cachoeira do Itapemirim-ES, and Barra de São Francisco-ES. We work with more than 300 materials, transforming rocks into marble, granite, and exclusive decorative stones. Besides that, our top notch logistics department garantees a safe and efficient delivery to all our clients.

Our story

how it all started